Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am-6pm. Saturdays 10am-3pm
E:    T: 345.640.7827


  • “I had my daughter’s 1st birthday party at Starfish Village. My experience with Starfish Village was absolutely phenomenal! This was the first birthday party I ever planned, and everyone told me how stressful it would have been. But the day of the party, Starfish Village staff totally made this a breeze for me! I did not stress at all about anything, they took care of placement, sign in, party bags, you name it! The unit is absolutely perfect for a birthday party, it’s clean, fun, spacious, and really comfortable. I still have people commending me on what a success the party was, the staff are super nice and helpful as well. As me being the birthday girl’s mother & hostess of the party, they still managed to take all my anxiety away!
    I would highly recommend Starfish Village for events, as I can rate this as a 5 Star spot!”
    – Brittany Shelley-Forbes

    Birthday Party
  • We were impressed with their professionalism and nothing was too big of a task attitude. As the mom hosting the party, you guys took all my anxiety away, really thanks a lot!!!

    Alice Adumekwe

    Birthday Party
  • My daughters (aged 5 and 3) had the pleasure of attending camp at Starfish Village the first week of opening. They loved every moment! The facilities are second to none and there were so many great and varied activities to keep them happy and smiling. However what stood out to me most was how incredibly caring and conscientious the staff were. The safety of the children was a paramount concern and they were there to give an encouraging smile or cuddle or positive distraction whenever needed. My 3 year old also suffers from serious food allergies and they were very attentive to her dietary restrictions -their careful approach was so reassuring to me! Five stars from this mom of 3!!

    Joannah Small
  • Zoe absolutely enjoyed herself during the session art in the park! Her first day she was uncertain and did not want to stay, but you did a tremendous job making her feel comfortable and excited! The next four days were a breeze and she came home with lots of stories and beautiful pieces of art! I would highly recommend starfish village to my friends!

    Jennifer Wagner
  • The place looked and felt so clean and safe, so it was very nice to leave my daughter there. Great space for them to run around. Staff was very helpful and kind with my daughter.

    Janet Doyle
  • Thank you so much for everything! My daughter had a wonderful time! It was so convenient for me and will absolutely be somewhere I come again for camps!

    Jordyn Cleaver
  • My 4 year old daughter joined the first summer camp at starfish village, ‘all about food-art in the park’. She thoroughly enjoyed it, describing it to me on the second morning at drop off ‘this is the best camp ever’. The warm and friendly staff made her time there great. It was also so nice to see the photos posted on Facebook capturing moments from her day.  She had a blast doing the arts and craft activities and was very happy to show them off at the end of each day! I would totally recommend their summer camp.

    Emma Santiago